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Tom Morrison has hit a homerun with How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg for More.  At first, I was not sure of the title, however now I’m a believer. With his book, Tom has uniquely given simple task lists and exercises that anyone could follow and live out.  His strategies fit every age, and every genre of life.  Employers should consider offering this great book to their employees, as well as their friends. Many people dream and hope for a new life, Tom’s book explains how.


Tim Owen, President, Owen & Associates, Inc.



In this book, Tom tackles life's challenges by sharing his experiences, wisdom and compassion. I enjoyed Tom's down-to-earth easy to understand prose - he uses real examples from his life. Throughout the book, you'll find the tools you need to clarify your goals and build a support system of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintences that are indispensible for your success.


Sheri Jacobs, President, Avenue M Group, LLC



This book offers insightful lessons that will change your perspective and practical advice that you can use in your daily life.  Learn to use your strengths and improve on your weaknesses to be happier and more productive in your personal and professional life.  Tom's energy is contagious and you will no doubt finish this book with tips you will be excited to put into practice.


Jim Wacksman, President, Association Studios


You know you're reading something game-changing when the author reveals some of his most traumatic life failures and challenges right in the first few pages. Morrison immediately sets the stage for a realistic yet uplifting look at how anyone, from all walks of life, can build a successful life for themselves. The book explores the topic of building and creating life fulfillment, and achieving your own goals without comparison to others. What makes this book particularly impactful is that Morrison speaks to the college student, the single parent, the professional worker, the unemployed job seeker, not just those already at the top. His message resonates throughout each upbeat, uplifting, bright chapter: People are your most valuable currency for success, happiness and self-worth, and cultivating relationships are the key to the Ultimate Life.  To ensure the book's message transcends advice and theory, each chapter ends with tangible applications and action steps so readers can begin to understand and implement change in their own lives.


Layla Masri, President, Bean Creative

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