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The DASH...

Making Sure Your Obituary Won't Suck

Published by:

Waldorf Publishing

What Inspired the Book?

Everyone has a Dash. It is the little line between our birth year and the year you pass on.  You can’t get rid of it. You can’t hide it. You can’t throw it away. It follows you from birth throughout your entire life. Your Dash represents everything in your life from beginning to end. Your successes - your failures - your relationships - your bucket list.

This book challenges you not to wait another moment to start living your life in a way that causes you to feel excitement and passion for each day - experiencing your dreams, and checking your bucket list off as you go - not at the end. It provides key elements to help you to have that fine balance of living in the moment and maximize what Tom calls your "Personal GDP" while preparing for the future. 

Tom’s passion has always been to help people see that no matter what your circumstances are in life, if you want something more, you can achieve it.  

Book Reviews


“Tom’s ideas in The Dash are the kind that change the trajectory of people’s lives. If you’re looking to avoid wasting your life and really living to the fullest extent, don’t miss this book.”


Jay Owen - President, Design Extensions

“The Dash helps you answer for key life questions:  Do I matter? Am I loveable? Do I have value? and lastly, Do I have something to offer the world around me?  In The Dash Tom helps you think through the principles and strategies to live a life of value, purpose, one that matters, and where you know you really are loveable.  Want to live a life worth living? I highly encourage you to read The Dash.”


Dr. Rick Marks - Vice President, Live The Life

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