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OMG...What's NEXT?  The Future, Post



The COVID-19 pandemic is currently the largest disruption ever to hit the world economy.  It's brought virtually everything in its path to a virtual halt.  In all that is going on in the chaos, one piece of good news will end.  The question for you is, will you be prepared for the opportunities post COVID-19?  All of the opportunities and challenges prior to this global crises will still exist...they will just look different. Those who who start planning now for WHAT's NEXT will be the winners in the post COVID-19 economy.


In his informative, engaging, and energetic session, Tom will unpack the key elements to getting a running start during COVID-19 with his FUTURE 4.0 Thinking including:

  • The 6 "must haves" for every business coming out of COVID-19.

  • 3 dynamic forces driving change at hyper-speed...It will only get faster.

  • Post COVID-19 economic boom...are you ready?

  • Maximizing the NEW supply of labor...well maybe.

  • 4 technologies that will change everything .

  • Why and where disruption takes place.

  • How the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are the solutions to maximizing productivity, people, and profits.

Future 4.0...Capitalizing on a Decade of Uncertainty & Disruption

With disruption driving change at light speed, two things are certain with "change": you no longer have the luxury of time and it is unforgiving.  In a study by IBM, over 5,000 C-Suite executives stated that their #1 fear for the future was the "DISRUPTION" of their industry or business model. Forbes reports that market disruption will drive 40% of Fortune 500 companies into bankruptcy in the next 10 years.  Any industry ignoring the wave of change headed our way will risk becoming irrelevant and eliminated.  Enter FUTURE 4.0.  In this very insightful and energetic session, Tom will unpack the key elements of FUTURE 4.0 including:

- 3 dynamic forces driving change at hyperspeed... It will only get faster

- 2020's economic boom... are they ready

- The 8 year labor shortage

- 4 technologies that will change everything 

- Why and where disruption takes place

- How the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are the solutions to the future


The DASH... Making Sure Your Obituary Won't Suck


Everyone has a Dash.  You can't hide it, throw it away, or lose it.  You have it from beginning to the end of life.  Your Dash represents everything in your life, both personally and professionally...all the joy, hurt, pain, success, and failures are in your Dash.  It drives your quality of life.  For associations, if your members are not personally fulfilled, they will never be professionally fulfilled.  If they are not professionally fulfilled, they will never be passionate about your association.  With studies showing most people in debt, not taking care of their health regularly, and unhappy in their jobs or relationships, this session will inspire them to make change, chase their dreams, and live in the moment to enjoy life today.  During this presentation, Tom unpacks the 16 components that makes up everyone's "Personal GDP" that drive your quality of life.  

How to Get MEMBERS to Scream Your Name & Beg For More

Associations and members are seeing market disruption all around them.  Trends, technology and habits are having a bigger impact than ever on membership and bottom lines.  The question is, “Are you embracing it, or ignoring it?”   In this energetic session Tom Morrison will unpack the chaotic trends coming at associations and the 10-keys to maximizing member value, member engagement and building revenues in the midst of disruption.  This session is highly informative and motivating on making change that will push your association into the future.  In this session, your attendess will learn:

  • The keys to recruiting members

  • The keys to engaging them in your programs

  • How to choose and build non-dues revenue programs

  • How to create a culture of innovation in your Board

  • The key metrics you need to be following to make change effective and timely

  • How to reach the younger generation for volunteerism & membership

  • The 2 hidden keys to member value for the next generation