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Tom's Speaking Programs (LIVE/VIRTUAL)

AI... Be a Friend or Be Afraid

Artificial intelligence is the tsunami of changed coming at every industry.  To many are caught up in what AI will look like in 10 years instead focusing on what AI can do for them today.  AI is the solution to the labor shortage every company is facing today.  With the labor shortage being the number one obstacle for growth, it is critical that organizations embrace AI and develop a blend of AI and human engagement. Just imagine being able to quadruple an employees output without adding more hours to their job.  AI does this.   In this powerful and energizing session, Tom Morrison will share:

- What AI is?

- What AI is not?

- The 3 elements an organization needs to make change in an AI driven world

- The trends behind the labor shortage

- How AI will play an active role in the labor shortage issue

- The keys to blending AI into your organization now

- The 6 elements every  business has to have to compete in the future


Future 4.0 Thinking... Capitalizing on a Decade of Uncertainty

Over the next 7-years, every industry has the opportunity to grow like never before.  Technology, demographic shifts and consumer buying habits are all positioned to create historic growth in so many industries.  Companies can’t afford to miss this 7-year growth opportunity that presents itself.  Rapid change, labor shortages and old thinking are three huge obstacles standing in everyone’s way.  In this energetic and motivating keynote, Tom Morrison will unpack the key elements to overcome the uncertainty, rapid pace of change, and labor shortages every industry is experiencing.  In 60 minutes your attendees will have complete clarity about their path for capitalizing on the decade of uncertainty.

3 Key Takeaways

- Learn the 3 Key Solutions to the Long Term Labor Shortage

- Learn the 3 elements every needs to possess to make effective change

- Learn the 4 Must Haves for Every Organization to Capitalize on the Next 7 Years

- The 6 Key Elements Every Organization Will Need to Dominate the Competition 


Just Imagine... The POWER of Showing UP


In life, people are never professionally fulfilled until they are truly personally fulfilled.  Before COVID, people were stressed over finances, not enough time or negative forces around them. COVID magnified that stress leaving many not knowing a path to achieve the quality of life they want.  Tom Morrison’s, Just Imagine... The Power of Showing Up, based on his book THE DASH, Making Sure Your Obituary Won’t Suck, unpacks the four key elements to his Personal GDP life process to achieving the quality of life you want.  Within Tom’s Personal GDP are 16 key elements that drive everyone’s emotions, success and fulfillment.  It doesn’t matter your age, background or economic status, if you have attendees are not 100% satisfied with the direction of your quality of life or just need hope, inspiration and encouragement, this keynote is for your attendees.


In this keynote, your attendees will learn:


- The 4 key areas that drive your quality of life

- The 4 key elements that control your success

- The 3 MUST HAVES if you are to achieve the quality of life you want

- The 3 elements you must have in place to to reach any goals 

How to Get MEMBERS to Scream Your Name & Beg For More

Associations and members are seeing market disruption all around them.  Trends, technology and habits are having a bigger impact than ever on membership and bottom lines.  The question is, “Are you embracing it, or ignoring it?”   In this energetic session Tom Morrison will unpack the chaotic trends coming at associations and the 10-keys to maximizing member value, member engagement and building revenues in the midst of disruption.  This session is highly informative and motivating on making change that will push your association into the future.  In this session, your attendess will learn:

  • The keys to recruiting members

  • The keys to engaging them in your programs

  • How to choose and build non-dues revenue programs

  • How to create a culture of innovation in your Board

  • The key metrics you need to be following to make change effective and timely

  • How to reach the younger generation for volunteerism & membership

  • The 2 hidden keys to member value for the next generation

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