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Had a short debrief with folks at CLIENT this week. They said your messaging was on-point and loved your energy. Sounds like a lot of their breakout sessions referred back to your presentation during their presentations.


Your energetic and engaging presentation provided a lot of value and excellent takeaways.  That’s what it’s all about!   During our “Happy Hour” session at the end of the day, a number of members remarked how good your presentation was and how it go them thinking about key issues that were not on their radars, but need to be and probably will be now.


We hired Tom to stimulate thought with our leadership team about the possibilities of Market Disruption into the future. Tom did a fantastic job of leading us through what has happened throughout history, the shortening timeline to recognize disruptive forces, and provided guidance on the types of things we should be considering to get ahead of change.


Tom is a very energetic speaker and the reviews from our membership was very positive.  I noticed lots of people taking notes, which is always a good sign - meaning the material is worth repeating.  We will definitely hire Tom again in the future


Fantastic speaker, just the right energy and knowledge was spot on.


Tom is a great speaker to work with! His information is so timely and his energy is unmatched. He did an excellent breakout session on how to network with our graduating dental students that received rave reviews. Book Tom and I promise you won't be dissappointed.


Over many years of watching keynote speakers present some are okay and others completely miss the mark. Most times they try to be inspirational and completely lose my interest. I own that I have a short attention span yet Tom Morrison sucked me in. His presentation was phenomenal. There was not a moment that I was distracted by anything.


When I think of Tom Morrison, I think of ENERGY!  I have seen Tom speak several times, and worked with him a few times on presentations, and every single time, he WOW's the audience!


I hired Tom to speak at our annual conference about disruption taking place in healthcare and other major business sectors. With the advent of blockchain and all things digital, I needed a strong topic and speaker that would cut through the clutter and deliver real insights to our audience and attendees about the changes taking place and how to prepare and embrace the changes and opportunities ahead. Tom brought a ton of real-world examples and injected a good dose of humor into his keynote, which made for a more engaged audience. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I highly recommend Tom as a speaker across industries.


Tom knows his material and speaks from a great mix of knowledge, passion and expertise. He was able to tie in the topic to leadership and personal growth.  Great for leaders in the law but would work great for many different audiences.

The attendee participation and appreciation for his presentation was evidenced in the evaluations.


Tom Morrison has his finger on the pulse of tomorrow. He is a compelling speaker who provides insight on understanding business opportunties in a fast-paced future. Tom entertained and educated our audience. We would definitely invite him back!


Tom was on his game first thing in the morning on the first day of our event which meant that his high-level energy was what set the tone of the entire 2 days. And nobody was disappointed.


Tom is a dream keynote presenter!  His presentations are on topic!  He's super easy to work with.  He understands the importance of his presentation has on the full audience experience.  Highly recommend Tom!

Thank you again for presenting at IADD.  Your session was excellent and very well received by our members.  Your experience and energy were a great way to start our meeting.  You touched on so many issues our members are facing today and gave them the skills and resources necessary for them to make a difference in their companies.

Leanne Schimming

International Association of Diecutting & Diemaking

It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to your amazing, energetic presentation in Colorado Springs!  I’m retiring after 22 years with the Society and I can honestly say that your presentation was one of the best we have ever had and I have listened to eons of presentations!!

Ali Allie - Education Director of Texas Society of CPA's

Your keynote on Extreme Disruption received high marks from all attendees.  Your breakout session, Extreme Success, in the afternoon was equally as valuable.  As a presenter, you made out workload easy!

Alan Galbreth - Indiana Crop Improvement Association

Thank you for your wonderful presentation at ENA's Officer Orientation.  Our members referenced your session throughout the weekend.  Thank you for being  so easy to work with.

Bridgette Krause - Emergency Nurses Association

Tom is so good.   Sitting in our forum now listening to his presentation on uberization.  Great energy and passion.  Looking forward to him leading our panel discussion.

Julie Waters - Door & Safety Professionals Assn.

I knew you would bring something special to our member symposium.  Our members found your What's Your Uber keynote thought provoking and inspiring.


Peggy Dzierzawski - President/CEO of Michigan Society of CPA's

Thank you again for the excellent panel discussion facilitation. The event exceeded our expectations! You did an excellent job and were a true professional.

Jerry Heppes CAE - CEO of Door Security & Safety Professional Assn.  

In one word:  OUTSTANDING!  Thank you for your facilitation of our strategic planning session.  Your ideas and energy was absolutely infectious.

Barbara Higgens - CEO of Plumbing Manufacturers International

When I poked my head into your session, I knew you had hit a home-run with our group.  Thanks again for your energy, ideas and advice.  Other speakers referenced your words throughout the day.

Roseanne Lucianek - American Bar Association

Simply put, Tom is in the top 1% of talent I've had the opportunity to work with in my over 30 year career.

Mark Landreth - Florida Association Executive

As AAC Chair, I have seen Tom's passion shine with insightful ideas which have inspired meaningful dialogue among our members.

Eric Szymanski - Senior Sales Manager of Walt Disney World Resorts

Our best board retreat in 5-years.  Your insights, knowledge and the fact you are still in the trenches leading an association made all the difference.

Ernie Hartong - CEO of Assn Residential Cleaning Services Int'l

Tom was our featured speaker for a recent professional development session with our chapter leaders and his presentation on 'How to Get Members to Scream Your Name and Beg for More' was outstanding!  He was engaging, provided lots of takeaways and left our attendees wanting more.  We've already book him for our Summer Conference.  Best of all, Tom is so easy to work with and full of great ideas.  

Christi Reimer - Associated General Contractors

I enjoyed meeting you so much in Vail last week.  Your enthusiasm is totally contagious, but more than that your insight was inspiring to me.  You are the real deal and it shows. You brought our humanness out in a way that was engaging for people at all levels.  Your fearlessness to delve into the deep aspects of our human nature, and how our past lives affect our success in business, as well as in our personal lives, is truly a gift.  I learned something every time you spoke, and in particular, your closing session nearly brought me to tears.  I wrote frantically as you reminded me of what is really important to me.  

Laura Fallbach 
Partner - Association Media Partners



Like many, when I logged onto your webinar on Maximizing Member Engagement, I opened another program at the same time to multitask while I listened.  All I can say is I didn't get a thing done because your presentation was so mesmerizing.  Every time I would try and look away, you would go into another set of incredible content.  I thought your presentation was right on point and awesome!

Laurie Dougherty
AWWA Technical and Educational Council (TEC)


All my interactions and endeavors with Tom have not only been successful, they've been widely renowned by myself and every person I know.  Tom is both admired and sought for his association leadership, speaking and best practices on game-changing strategies and execution. He's a widely recognized thought leader on topics of innovation, business development and ROI planning for associations. 
Sterling Raphael

Bravo!  You and Mandy came in as our #1 panel.  You were excellent & achieved what we had hoped to achieve.

Helen Sramek
Operations Lifesavers, Inc.

Thank you so much for speaking at CSAE.  I can't believe you pulled off three keynotes with so many practical ideas.  Our organization hasn't had that kind of energy buzzing around in years.   One member upon departing commented that she was leaving with so many amazing ideas that she was challenged as to which ones to tackle first.  She stated she was very energized and committed to taking action on them.

Joan Tezak
CEO - Colorado Society of Association Executives 

Tom, is an outstanding speaker who not only has great ideas, but brings the understanding of being an association executive to the meeting.  He can discuss board issues, technology concerns, and all the people challenges (volunteers and staff) that might affect us, as he also has to run his own organization.  Tom wants to help all become better leaders of their association.  And, most importantly he CARES . . . he’ll invest in your meeting to ensure that it is a success!

Dave Kanagy, CAE
Executive Director - Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration & CSAE 2012 President

I greatly enjoyed your presentations, your energy, and your attitude towards change.

Betsy Kominsky
Partner - Association Media Partners

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