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27 Life Changing Chapters


  1. Between the Numbers

  2. Be the CEO of Your Dash

  3. Your Personal GDP

  4. Why Are People Important to Your Dash 

  5. Who Are Your People

  6.  Is Your Dash a Bully or a Builder of People

  7.  The Stages of Your Dash  

  8. Defining Your Purpose

  9. Discovering Your Passion 

  10. Deciding Your Principles

  11. Setting Your Priorities

  12. The “Right” People

  13. Pushing Past Your Past

  14. Planning Your Path

  15. Time for Pause/Meditation

  16. Let’s Get Physical

  17. Preparation & Practice Are Everything

  18. The Pursuit of Your Dash

  19. The Dash Party

  20. The Power of Networking

  21. Your Dash Must Be Diverse

  22. Know the Threats to Your Dash

  23. Your Communication Strategy

  24. Make Your Dash the Miracle

  25. Narrow Your Focus…Dominate Your Dash

  26. Three Questions Every Year 

  27. You Can’t Escape Your Legacy

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