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10 Technologies Changing Your Member's Business Model

All I can say when it comes to emerging technologies, is WOW! When it comes to change, it

used to take a decade for change to have a dramatic and lasting impact on business models. We could walk towards change and take our time preparing for it to reach us.

That is not the case any longer. Today, the future is moving at us at a pace never before seen in history. In my opinion, there will be more change by 2020 than we have seen in the previous decade. The question is...Are your members ready for the pace of change, and will they be able to compete?

One of the driving elements of this change is technology. Technology is key because it can do the following:

  • Remove any friction, anxiety, or stress in the business model, with regards to delivery, product, customer experience, and operations.

  • Allow for real time analytics through smart technology and data management; making instant changes to maximize production, productivity, and profits.

  • Connect you with the entire supply chain in your industry; allowing for information sharing that enhances the inter-company communication channels.

If your members do not have a strategy to stay ahead of the technology curve, they will be left behind in their ability to compete in the future. I have actually encouraged every industry/association to introduce a new corporate position called the Chief Change Officer (CCO). This person's responsibility is to ensure that change outside the company's business model isn't changing faster than the changes happening internally. They would study key emerging technologies and bring implementation strategies so that every aspect of a company's production, operations, and delivery is ahead of their changing competition.

My question for you, the association is, "What are you doing to keep your members informed and educated about the fast changing technology landscape that could potentially wipe out their business model if they don't change? Do they even know about the technology shifts? It is the responsibility of every association to ensure that members know anything and everything in the world of technology so they can retool, make strategic shifts and investments to stay ahead of the technology curve.

The following are 10 such technologies that are changing the landscape of every industry/association:

  • Self Driving Technology

  • 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

  • Sensors

  • Drones

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Robots

  • Nano Technologies

  • Virtual Reality

  • Holograms

  • Information Sharing

If your members are to compete at high levels in the future, it is important you begin to present content and have conversations around how these technologies and others, that are being developed, and are going to impact their business models.

Who knows....if you dig deep enough and invest some reserves, you may even find that piece of technology that your association can own and offer to your industry that will maximize your value, engagement, and market penetration of membership.

I am always asking people..."Do you know what the "UBER" is in your industy?" If it hasn't arrived yet, it will. The question is, "Will you own it, or will it own your industry?" You get to make the choice.

Push, challenge, and lead your members into the future because the future is unforgiving to those not prepared or informed. Make sure that your members have the consistent content needed to make the technology shifts that they need to make in order to be a company of the future.

They key is YOU, the association, leading them to the answers of the future.

If you would be interested in having me perform my "What's Your UBER...Are You Ready For 2020?" keynote at your next conference, you can submit a speaking RFP by CLICKING HERE or contacting me at

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