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Are Your Members Ready for 2020

We are living in the most amazing times. Information, commerce, technology and consumer demands are changing at record pace. The question for every association is, "Are your members going to be adequately prepared for 2020?"

The changes in the business environment and consumer demands will change more in the next 3.5 years than the previous 10. They key for any association is, you cannot allow your members to wait until 2019 to figure this out. If you let them stay behind, they will be left behind.

It is imperative that associations bring information to the table in their publications and conferences that challenge their members to begin to change and do it now.

When I say "change", that doesn't mean change who you are. It is about shifting your mindset to utilize technology more to be leaner on costs, have a more convenient connection with your customers and be able to take advantage of the demographic and consumer buying shifts that are creating immense opportunity for any member who seizes it.

In a recent IBM study of over 5,000 C-suite executives, over 60% stated their #1 fear was the "uberization" of their business model. Meaning a technology or shift in the business model "out of no where" that occurs leaving them in the dust and irrelevant to their customers. Did you hear that? Over 60% have that fear.

Your members have the same fear and if they can't see the changes coming between now and 2020, many will not have the money to pay dues and will go by the wayside.

No industry is exempt from "uberization." It is critical that every association and every member seek to understand the three elements changing and reshaping the way people will do business in 2020 and beyond and the two primary areas where "uberization" happens.

Those who fail to research, shift their business model and capitalize on the economic shifts in the next 3 years, will be challenged to compete in 2020 and beyond.

Members can no longer move at a snails pace to keep up with the competition. Business models used to take years to dramatically change. Now they change almost instantly without you knowing it.

Associations are the #1 business model in the world to harness the innovation and information for creating success among their memberships. I can connect the important dots of your member value, why belong and how your members can accomplish so much more together than separate when it comes to the issue of preparing for the future.

I invite you to consider me as your conference keynote in 2016 and 2017. As a 20-year association executive, in my opinion, getting ready for 2020 is the most important issue an association should be looking at on their radar screen.

Get READY for the Future. It's coming at us faster than ever.

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