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Market Example of How it Can Taketh or Giveth in the Same Breath

We are all living in this new economy called UBERIZATION (many refer to this as Market Disruption). Uberization is defined as a new, more cost effective, and efficient business model that disrupts the current way of doing business. It's the biggest fear of most anyone in business. UBERIZATION is being driven by 3 dynamic forces: emerging technologies, consumer buying habit changes, and demographics shifts.

UBERIZATION is a funny thing, because as one set of market disruption can destroy your ability to compete and thrive, another in turn creates unlimited opportunity. The question for every association is..."Do you know what you need to know to understand if UBERIZATION is going to create unbelievable threats or unlimited opportunities for you?" If you don't, you better find out NOW.

Let me give you a clear example of an industry that is living on both sides of UBERIZATION.


The organ donor industry is an industry that has been defined by the words..."you are on a waiting list." If you look at the numbers, there are roughly 35,000 auto accidents per year, with roughly 1 in 5 organ donations coming from those auto accidents. The development of self-driven cars will create an immediate shortage of organs due to the fact that self-driven cars minimize human error in driving, therefore causing vehicle accidents to plummet. With car accidents dropping significantly, this will put a larger strain on an already strained business model of organ donations.

When you consider the over 100,000 people that are on a waiting list every year for a kidney, heart, and/or liver transplant(s), and over 10,000 either die, or are taken off the waiting list because they are too sick for one; the development of the self-driving vehicle will have damaging, unintended consequences for the organ donor industry.

However, there is HOPE...on the other side of UBERIZATION.


As the self-driven car is creating huge future challenges for the organ donor universe, 3D printing is going to create a world where "waiting lists" and "rejection rates" for organs will be a thing of the past. Developments in 3D printing, or "bioprinting", in the medical field have already taken off. Bladders, cartilage, skin, and other human organs have already been created, and implanted into humans. The world of technology and medicine are combining forces to continue developments in more advanced organs, such as the heart, lung, liver, and kidney.

Imagine a world where they are able to 3D print a heart, lung, liver, or kidney for any human, using their own tissue to have a 0% rejection rate, and NO WAITING LIST. You get the transplant the moment you need it. That would be amazing!

The organ donor industry is just one example of how UBERIZATION (market disruption) is working on both sides of your business model to giveth and taketh. It is critical that every association be LIVING IN THE FUTURE, BUT ACTING TODAY. If all you do is "live in the today", then you are at risk of UBERIZATION creating challenges for your member's business model that they will be very challenged to overcome.

Create opportunity for your members to become informed of the changes going on around them. Much of the market disruption that will impact your industry isn't even a part of your industry, but it is connected closely enough to your supply chain, that it will have a ripple effect on your members. With education and proper preparation, the coming Uberization could either provide vast opportunities to capitalize on, or crisis-level catastrophe that could close the doors.

It's YOUR choice...


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