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SPRING IS COMING: Facts Spell Record Growth For Your Members

I heard a speaker one time talking about the media say, "If it bleeds, it leads." If you listen to all

the noise surrounding the economy and our future on TV, you and your members could tend to lose hope and hold on tight the next major economic downfall.

But wait...Spring is COMING!

If you simply count the people, there is great hope for the next 20 years for so many industries. If you listen to the noise, you will hold everything tight, not invest, not grow and run your business, profession, or association in fear. But again, if you count the people, you will understand that the momentum we are building as industry will make the 2020 and 2030 decades two of the most prosperous decades in history.

The question is, do you understand this and do you members know it?

The decades of the 80's and 90's were two of the biggest decades in history. They reshaped everything we see today. The primary reason was due to Baby Boomers, the largest generation at the time, with 78 million people hitting their highest income earning years of 35 to 55. As the 78 million Baby Boomers entered their highest income earning ages, industries flourished due to the amount of purchasing consumers that were in the economy.

Follow the Baby Boomers with Generation X, who have 10 million few consumers now in those prime earning years, between 35 and 55 in our economy today. It totally explains why the economy has been growing at a snails pace the last 10 years...we have 10 million fewer people in their prime earning years buying everything from: cars, groceries, houses, cell phones, computers, etc. There aren't as many people pushing the economy right now as there were in the 80's and 90's.

Here is the secret sauce your members need to know about: In 1977, the oldest Baby Boomer

was 32. Behind them were 78 million people who grew the economy and changed the 80's and 90's creating opportunity and wealth for your members.

This year in 2017, the Millennials turn 32, with over 100 million people from 6 years of age to 32, who are about to create an economic run like we have never seen before. The 20's and 30's of this century will be the 80's and 90's of last century. The questions for you are, "Are your members ready for it? Are they ready for the growth? Do they even know it's coming?"

Do they know SPRING IS COMING?

If your members can get a grasp of and understand the three dynamic forces causing the perfect storm of constant change in the new "UBERIZATION Economy", they will excel and succeed at the highest levels. If they continue to run behind change, the three forces of demographic shifts, changes in consumer buying habits, and emerging technologies will create market disruption that will almost make it impossible to compete...BUT...

When you count the people, know their impact, and get ahead of the change coming your way.... market disruption works for you, not against you. My past blogs share the keys to seizing opportunity in the new economy, why Uberization happens, where it happens, and how to get ahead of it. Check them out today.

My next blog post will focus on your member Business GDP. Every business has an internal GDP rating whether they like it or not. Their level of GDP determines how successful they are at staying in front of the perfect storm of change we are seeing today.

Spring is coming... are you and your members prepared?

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