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Going From Mission Statements to VALUE Statements

Since the beginning of time, associations have been driven by their mission statements...and

rightly so. Decades ago everyone was sold out to the industry first, our business second. The thought was, if we as an association, can continue to create a vibrant marketplace, then member companies or individuals would succeed.

You see, when it came to change decades ago, the one luxury every association and member had was time. Significant change took years, sometimes a decade to have impact on the marketplace.

Not anymore. In today's "Uberization" economy, change is running at associations faster than ever before. Industries are being turned upside down within a year. The luxury of time is gone. Because of demographic shifts, emerging technologies, and consumer buying habits all working together to create the rapid pace of change, the new thinking of members and prospective members is, "What do you do for me that helps me compete on a daily basis? Not the industry...but helps ME."

I'm a big believer that in today's Uberized, fast-paced economy that members support your mission, but they BUY your VALUE.

Everyday, our members are in a battle to compete and they are looking to their association to provide the tools they need on a daily basis to be successful day in and day out. So the question is...What is your REAL value? ...not perceived value, but REAL value?

With our association representing businesses, our value statement is: "To maximize the people, productivity, and profits in the priority areas of our member companies."

We have specific programs and solutions for our members top 6 priority areas of sales

forecasting, operational cost management, managing labor & recruitment, leadership development, technical training, and focused and in-person.

This value statement and solutions to specific key areas speaks volumes to any business who knows that they cannot live on an island and compete alone.

Change is running at your members and it's unforgiving. Do your members see it coming and know why their market is changing so fast? If not, you need to shout it from the hilltops and get them to look up.

Associations who do not help their members see the urgency of change will ultimately put themselves at risk of maintaining a declining business model. This will happen due to failure in helping their members to see what is to come. Look forward....Move fast.

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