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How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg For More

Published by:

Waldorf Publishing

What Inspired the Book?


Throughout my life, I have witnessed so many people living in frustration and unhappy with where they are in life.  Some have too much debt, some bad  relationships,others unhappy in their jobs or just not liking their current circumstances in life.  Some are living a good life but want to continue to get to the next level.


I know... I've been there.  My life has been touched by the pain of divorce, the hardship of bankruptcy, the desperation of unemployment and having to look my kids in the eyes and say, "Daddy isn't coming home tomorrow because he and mommy can't get along." Painful valleys that could have pushed me into the abyss of life.  But I wanted more than pain in my life as I know you do.


I have fought my way out of those valleys, not letting my circumstances dictate my life.  I have risen to be CEO of my company, living a life each day that is very fulfilling and rewarding.  You can too.


I wrote this book for you to share the life lessons I have learned through experiences, successes, mentors and being a "student of life." I want to help you live the "Best LIfe Possible" and move from pain and frustration to fulfillment and joy.


This book is a life lesson of how to not wait on life to happen, live in the moment, seize opportunities and leverage the many people that will pass through your life with one goal in mind... Achieving the Ultimate Life.

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Book Reviews


If you thought "How To Win a Friends and Influence People" was valuable, Tom's entertaining, motivating and inspirational book modernizes a similar philosophy on life that is more relevant to this decade. Tom's positive perspective on life is contagious. As a business owner, this book helped me become a better leader and I've bought copies for my employees to help improve their relationship with their peers and customers.


Dave Will, President, Peach New Media



"As I read Tom's work, I was screaming "Yes" inside.  With vulnerability, candor, and openness, Tom share's his life's journey, both personally and professionally, into what he has learned about the fulfilled life and how to become successful in all areas of your journey.  As one who has counseled thousands and speak nationally, I most strongly recommend this wonderful work to you as you seek to become and achieve what you desire for life."


Richard Marks, PhD LPC

Executive Director, Connect Us 4 Life


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